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Sept. 21, 2020 Religion & Spirituality

The Return National Day of Repentance

A look at the upcoming event, The Return

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The Most Influential Churches Pt 13

We visit Dream City Church in Phoenix, AZ

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Andy Stanley Suspends In-Person Church Services for 2020

Andy Stanley Suspends in person church services for the rest of the year

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The Most Influential Churches Pt 7

We vist Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota

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White Supremacy and the Church

White supremacist ideas have historic roots in U.S.Christianity

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Three Principles for Difficult Times

It is a crazy time to be alive. Here are three ideas to consider

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June 22, 2020 Religion & Spirituality

The Church, Politics, and an Email

A look at an email I recieved and more discussion about the church and politics

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June 12, 2020 Religion & Spirituality

5 Twisted Scriptures

A Look at 5 scriptures that have been twisted and misused.

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The Church and Culture Pt 6

How should christian relate to the culture?

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Responding to Spiritual Abuse Comment

I respond to a comment on my episode on spiritual abuse.

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Exposing Vice to the Light of Truth

A look at a famous panting of St Augustine

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Pastor Arrested For Having Church

A pastor was arrested for having church during the covid-19 pandemic and shelter in place orders

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