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Pastor With Covid-19 Speaks

Aug. 5, 2020

A pastor who has covid-19 offered his thoughts on the situation

Pastor or a Parrot?

Aug. 5, 2020

Do you want a Pastor or a Parrot?

The Current State of America and Christians

Aug. 4, 2020

The current state of America is causing many people to feel angry, frustrated and anxious. How shou…

Horses, Covid-19 Deniers, and Church

Aug. 2, 2020

Everyting that went wrong in one day and how applying your theological knowledge to life is hard.

The First Mark of Wisdom

Aug. 2, 2020

More study on the topic of Wisdom

When Two.horses Came to Church

Aug. 2, 2020

Two horses came to church this morning



"This pastor gives in-depth teaching. Expect to be challenged! If you are looking for spiritual meat, you have found the right place!"

By gsweston on May 18, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

The absolute best at looking at the world through a Biblical lens

"I’ve listened to this pastor regularly for over nine years. Expect to be challenged, and expect to THINK. It’s not enough simply to believe someth…"

By Will Pettus on April 10, 2020 via Apple Podcasts


"Awesome! Very informative and up to date. Thank you!"

By TCoop1991 on March 23, 2020 via Apple Podcasts