The Saint Peter Option

Dec. 5, 2021

How should christians live in a post christian culture?

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The $40 Million Dollar Glorify App

Dec. 5, 2021

Is the Christian mediation app Glorify, worth $40 million dollars?

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The Future is the Minichurch

Nov. 18, 2021

Is the future of the church in America the minicurch?

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Not Today Satan

Nov. 14, 2021

Should Christians use the phrase, Not Today Satan?


Cosmic Chemistry

Nov. 13, 2021

A look at the book, Cosmic Chemistry

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Abortion, Immigration, and Christianity

Nov. 8, 2021

What do Christians truly value?


MacArthur Center Sermon Help For $100

Nov. 7, 2021

A program to help you become a better preacher will cost you $100

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2021 Americans Values Survey

Nov. 6, 2021

A look at the 2021 Americans Values Survey


Apathy In the Church

Nov. 4, 2021

Has apathy taken over the church?

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Only 13 Percent of Evangelicals Tithe

Oct. 29, 2021

A look at christians and giving

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Jim Caviezel's Conference Speech and QAnon

Oct. 28, 2021

A look at a speech given by actor Jim Caviezel

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Sins The Church Ignores Pt 1

Sept. 26, 2021

Is the church consistent in how it deals with certain sins?


John MacArthur and Romans 13

Sept. 18, 2021

A look at the MacArthur Commentary on Romans 13

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Christians Don't Believe the Holy Spirit is Real

Sept. 10, 2021

Most adult US Christians don't believe the Holy Spirit is read according to a study.


I Kissed Christianity Goodbye

Aug. 21, 2021

A look at the most recent episode of the Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcast