June 15, 2020

The Spiritual Danger of Trump

The Spiritual Danger of Trump

A new book consisting of essays by 30 evangelical Christians of different political and professional stripes is calling on white evangelicals to rethink their support for President Donald Trump in 2020 and warns the president is damaging the broader culture’s perception of evangelical Christianity.

The new book, The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump: 30 Evangelical Christians on Justice, Truth, and Moral Integrity, was released last Monday by Wipf and Stock Publishers.

“Our plea is to white evangelicals to please take another look and ask, ‘Does this person measure up to biblical norms?’” Ron Sider, founder of Evangelicals for Social Action, told The Christian Post. “We are not telling you what to include. But please prayerfully think about that. Even if you think the book will make you mad, given the title, I challenge you to read it and decide for yourself if there are any valid points that we are making there.”

Sider, who edited the book, is a longtime evangelical figure and an advocate for biblical solutions to social and economic injustices. He has published over 40 books, including Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger

Sider said that his call is for white evangelicals to evaluate evangelicalism’s “biblically balanced” agenda before they vote in 2020.

Exit polls from 2016 showed that about eight-in-10 self-identified white evangelicals or born-again Christians voted for the Republican candidate, Trump, in the 2016 election, while just 16% voted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. 

Sider said that evangelicals wondering what exactly a biblically balanced agenda is can turn to the public policy priorities of the National Association of Evangelicals, which he says calls for evangelical civil engagement to have a “biblically balanced agenda.”

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